22 Fruit Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen

There are times when living in a small kitchen is hard, especially when you need to store things that go bad quickly, like fruits and vegetables. But if you’re creative and plan, you can make the most of every inch of your kitchen to store your fruits effectively. Here are 22 Fruit Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen.

Hang baskets from the ceiling to make use of vertical space

Fruit Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen

Hanging baskets or wire racks will help you make the most of the vertical room in your kitchen. You can place them on the wall or hang them from the ceiling to keep your fruits off the counters and quickly get to them. Not only does this free up counter room, but it also makes your kitchen look better.

Buy fruit stands with tiers.

Fruit stands with tiers are both valuable and pleasant to look at. Pick a stand with more than one level to show off different kinds of fruits and save counter room. Because these stands can go on tables or countertops, they’re great for small kitchens with floor limited amounts.

Choose fruit bins that can be stacked.

Stackable fruit bins are a flexible way for small kitchens to store things. You can stack them on top of each other or put them next to each other to make a fruit storage system that fits your needs. You can quickly put these bins away in a corner when they’re not in use, and they’re great for keeping different kinds of fruits.

Put small fruits in drawer organizers.

Use organizers made just for putting fruits to make the most of the space in your drawers. Usually, these organizers have sections or dividers that can be moved around to separate smaller fruits like grapes and berries nicely. Organizers for drawers are great for keeping veggies fresh and stopping them from rolling around.

Put pull-out wire baskets in your cabinets.

Add pull-out wire baskets to your cabinets to change the way they look. Instead of digging through crowded shelves, you can get to your veggies quickly and easily with these baskets. Please put them in lower cabinets so they are easy to get to or higher drawers so kids and pets can’t get to the fruits.

Make your fruit hammock

You can be crafty and use cloth or mesh to make your fruit hammock. It can be hung under a closet or shelf to protect soft fruits like bananas from getting bruised. Make a fruit swing that fits any size or shape of the fruit. It’s easy to do.

Use magnetic strips to make use of empty wall space

Put magnetic strips on empty wall space to hold fruit baskets or other metal objects. This clever idea frees up space on your desk while keeping your fruits visible and accessible. You can also store other cooking essentials like knives and utensils on magnetic strips.

Use a wine rack for something else

Change the look of an old wine rack by putting your fruits on it. Putting your fruits in the holes made for wine bottles will keep them organised and easy to get to. Wine racks come in many shapes and sizes, so they can be used in any kitchen to store a wide range of things.

Hang mesh bags from over-the-door hooks.

Hang fruit-filled mesh bags from over-the-door hooks to make the most of the room on your door. This easy but effective hack keeps your fruits off the counters and uses room that would otherwise be wasted. Over-the-door hooks are simple to put in place and take off when not needed.

Put up a pegboard with hooks.

Putting up a pegboard on your kitchen wall will give you a flexible way to store your food. Hang wire boxes or mesh bags full of fruits from hooks so they are easy to get to and can be seen. Pegboards are very flexible and can be set up to hold fruit of any size or shape.

Put a magazine holder to another use

Use a magazine stand for something else by putting fruits in it. You can put it on the table or hang it on the wall to keep your fruits in order and easy to get to. Magazine stands come in many shapes and sizes, so they can store things in any kitchen and still look good.

Use pretty bowls to store things on your counter

Choose bowls or boxes that look nice to store fruits on your counters. Pick bowls with enough depth to hold a range of fruits, which will also look nice in your kitchen. Decorative bowls come in many styles and materials, so you can change how your kitchen looks while keeping your things organised.

Use a fruit hammock to store citrus fruits

A fruit swing is a great way to keep citrus fruits like oranges and lemons fresh. You can free up table space by hanging the hammock under a cabinet or shelf. This will also keep the citrus fruits fresh. Fruit hammocks are simple to set up and take down to clean or store when not in use.

Make a fruit basket that spins.

Make your rotating fruit basket with wire boxes and a lazy Susan. This rotating storage solution makes it easy to get to your veggies with a spin. It’s perfect for kitchens that have a limited amount of room. There are many shapes and sizes of rotating fruit baskets, so you can make your store space work for you.

Put corner shelves to use

Corner shelves are a great way to use rooms that people often forget. You can make the most of your kitchen storage space by adding floating or fixed shelves that can hold baskets or containers full of fruit. Corner shelves come in many shapes and sizes to store things in any kitchen plan.

Use mesh bags that hang from the ceiling to store fruits and vegetables

You can hang mesh bags with fruits and vegetables like potatoes and onions from hooks or knobs inside closets or pantry doors. This makes it easy to get to these things and frees up room on the counter and in drawers. You can also hang mesh bags to store other cooking essentials, like garlic and shallots.

Put baskets under the shelves

Put baskets under your shelves to make the most of your room. These wire baskets securely connect to the bottom of shelves, giving you more room to store fruits without taking up any extra room in your kitchen. Under-shelf baskets come in many shapes and sizes to keep things in any kitchen plan.

Store cut fruits in glass jars.

Glass jars with tight lids are the best way to store cut fruits like melons, pineapples, and mangoes. Not only does this make your kitchen countertops look nicer, but it also keeps your veggies fresh longer. Glass jars come in many shapes and sizes, so you can store things in a way that suits your needs.

Use hooks on the ceiling to hang fruit baskets

Hang fruit baskets made of wire or woven materials from ceiling hooks for an eye-catching way to store things. Putting your fruits up high keeps them within easy reach and frees up the counter and cabinet room you can use for other things. Ceiling hooks come in many shapes and sizes, so you can change how you store things to fit how your kitchen is set up.

Use counter racks to store avocados and tomatoes.

Store bananas and tomatoes on racks on your counter made just for them to keep them fresh. Most of the time, these racks have separate sections that keep food from getting bruised and keep it fresh longer. There are many shapes and sizes of countertop racks, so you can make your storage fit your needs.

Store fruit in the drawers of your refrigerator

To make the most of the room in your fridge, set aside certain drawers for storing fruits. Use clear bins or dividers to split different kinds of fruits so they are easy to find and keep organized. There are many shapes and sizes of refrigerator doors, so you can make your storage space fit your needs.

Get a rolling cart for easy storage on the go

You can store fruit on the go by adding a moving cart to your kitchen. Pick a cart with wire bins or shelves holding different kinds of fruits. This will make it easy to move your fruit storage to where it’s needed most. Rolling carts come in many shapes and sizes to store things in any kitchen plan.


In conclusion, finding good ways to store veggies in a small kitchen doesn’t have to be hard. By using these 22 clever ideas, you can make the most of every inch of room in your kitchen and keep your fruits fresh, organized, and easy to get to. There is a storage option for every small kitchen layout and style, whether you choose to hang things, put them on the counter, or make something creative yourself.