21 Tips for Updating Cherry Cabinets without Replacing Them

Cherry shelves are a popular preference among homes due to the fact they look wealthy and stylish. But after a while, they might start to look vintage or no longer fit the cutting-edge style in your house. We allow you to update your cherry shelves while not having to shop for new ones and deal with all of the hassle that incorporates that. Here are 21 Tips for Updating Cherry Cabinets without Replacing Them.

1. Paint them over with new paint.

A new coat of paint is one of the simplest methods to carry your cherry shelves up to date. Pick a color that goes with the relaxation of your furnishings and makes your kitchen experience more cutting-edge. A lighter coloration like white, cream, or gray can make the room feel bigger and brighter.

2. Put in new hardware

Changing the hardware in your cherry cabinets could make a big difference in how they look. Get new knobs and pulls with a more cutting-edge look to update the old ones. With this clean alternative, your drawers will appear more contemporary right away.

3. Put in glass pieces

If your pinnacle shelves have strong doorways, add glass inserts. That can show off your excellent dishes or glasses and make your kitchen feel extra open and ethereal. You can pick out distinct sorts and styles of glass to fit your style.

4. Put lighting fixtures under the shelves

Putting lighting below your cabinets cannot only make your workplace brighter but also make the experience warmer and more welcoming. A lot of humans choose LED strip lights because they use little strength and are simple to install. They can be put under the shelves without drawing attention to themselves to make the tabletop and backsplash stand out.

5. Get new countertops

Changing the countertops could make a large distinction in how your kitchen seems as a whole. A greater modern-day and excessive-quit appearance may be carried out with materials like granite, quartz, or marble. If cash is tight, look at laminate or butcher block picks that look like natural stone.

6. Put up a new backsplash

By converting the backsplash, you may make the kitchen look unique right away. Pick a tile or mosaic pattern that goes with your cherry cabinets and gives the room a current look. People frequently choose subway tiles or geometric designs that may supply their kitchen with a new, contemporary appearance.

7. Paint or stain the cabinets

If you need your cherry shelves to preserve their herbal beauty, you may need to restore them as opposed to painting them. To eliminate the old finish, sand them down. Then, stain or oil them once more. That will make your shelves look new once more, even as nevertheless displaying off the wooden grain.

8. Put on the crown molding

Adding crown molding to your cherry cabinets could make them appear more stylish and stylish. Put it along the pinnacle edge of the higher cabinets to make the room appear highly prepared. Pick a style that goes nicely with the rest of your furnishings and makes your kitchen appearance better.

9. Put the cupboard doorways back on

If the doorways on your cherry cabinets are old or worn, you may need to get new ones. Choose sleek, current styles that go with the fashion of your kitchen. That is a smooth manner to make your shelves look today while not having to redo them all.

10. Put in open cabinets

Adding open shelves on your cherry cabinets can be a great way to make them appear extra modern and make the garage easier to get to. Take the doors off of a few high cabinets and position floating cabinets in their area. That will give your kitchen a current look and give you an area to reveal your favorite meals or domestic decor.

11. Cover the partitions with paint

Modifying the color of the walls in your kitchen could make a big difference in the way it appears in general. Pick a shade that is going properly with your cherry cabinets and makes the room look complete and prepared. Cherry cabinets appear good with lighter hues like brown, pale grey, or smooth blue.

12. Put in a brand-new sink

Switching out your old sink for a new one will make your kitchen look modern-day proper away. Choose a present-day style and finish that complements your cherry cabinets. Consider options like chrome steel, granite composite, or fireclay for a swish and present-day appearance.

13. Upgrade the faucet

Updating the faucet can be a small trade that makes a large distinction to your kitchen. Choose a current and purposeful layout that enhances your cherry shelves. Opt for finishes like brushed nickel, chrome, or matte black for a modern appearance.

14. Add a kitchen island

If you have the space, adding a kitchen island may be an extremely good manner to replace your cherry shelves and create a more purposeful and present-day workspace. Choose a layout that complements your present cabinetry and gives extra garage and countertop space.

15. Incorporate open-concept shelving

Open-concept shelving can add a present-day touch to your kitchen while presenting additional storage space. Put a few floating shelves on a blank wall or among shelves to display your favored cookbooks, decorative items, or plant life.

16. Update the flooring

Changing the floors may have a widespread impact on the general look of your kitchen. Opt for materials like hardwood, laminate, or luxurious vinyl plank for an extra modern-day and sturdy choice. Choose a coloration and finish that enhances your cherry shelves and creates a cohesive look.

17. Incorporate an assertion light fixture

Adding a declaration light fixture can immediately replace the look of your kitchen and grow to be a focal point. Choose a present-day and elegant layout that complements your cherry shelves. Pendant lights can add a touch of beauty and class.

18. Update the window remedies

Replacing your old window treatments with new ones can give your kitchen a clean and modern-day look. Opt for easy and streamlined designs that supplement your cherry cabinets. Sheer curtains or blinds can permit natural light to filter in while retaining privacy.

19. Add a fresh coat of varnish

If your cherry shelves are looking stupid or worn, remember to apply a clean coat of varnish. This will decorate the natural beauty of the timber and supply your shelves with a refreshed and polished look. Make sure to smooth and sand the cabinets earlier than applying the varnish.

20. Incorporate pops of shade

Add bright colors to your kitchen to create a vibrant and current look. Choose colorful accessories like dishware, small home equipment, or decorative gadgets that complement your cherry shelves. This can upload personality and visual interest in your area.

21. Declutter and arrange

Lastly, decluttering and organizing your kitchen can update its appearance right away and make it feel more cutting-edge and useful. Clear off countertops, prepare cabinets and drawers, and put off any needless objects. That will create a smooth and streamlined appearance that complements your up-to-date cherry shelves.


Updating your cherry shelves would not need to be a frightening challenge. By following these 21 tips, you can rework your kitchen and give your cabinets a sparkling and cutting-edge appearance without the need for an entire alternative. Choose the guidelines that work great in your style and price range, and revel in the renewed splendor of your kitchen.